Did i tell you yet?

Oh, that surprises me.

Well, for 2 days a week the wife and I have made a commitment to go vegan.

This all stemmed from the reports this week about global warming, its really happening. As much as Trump might deny it, the earth is warming up. I can feel it. I’m generally hotter.

Experts say that one of the best things we can do to help the environment is to eat less meat.

And I’m on board with that.
I am not a scientist, but I know that cows fart a lot and they are helping to make a big hole in the ozone layer with their bum gas.

If you open your eyes and look around at the shear quantity of meat that we eat, not just you and me, but everyone.

It’s astounding.
How on earth does the meat industry keep up with the demand? I know how, don’t tell me, it’s easier to not think about how it happens.

I know that man was designed to eat meat, with are big old teeth and all. But i’m not so sure there was meant to be seven billion of us on the planet all munching on the animals, feet and all.

So for 2 days a week me and Lauren will be munching on rabbit food and tree trunks. It’s our little bit we can do to help the world and maybe future generations. One of which is growing inside Laurens tummy (or wherever they grow in there)

Cant wait.

Knock Knock
/who’s there?/
I’m a vegan.