WE all have that friend that is in to something and wants to talk about it all of the time if you are interested in it or not.

They consider themselves a bit of an expert in their field and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you didn’t ask them.

They are always on hand to offer advice or criticism even if you didn’t ask or don’t want it.

LET me introduce you to the BBQ bore, found in back gardens all over the UK.
An expert in their field and hopefully someone to be cherished, like garden gnomes and a good green patch of grass.

First, a few things that may help you identify your local BBQ bore:

He/she will always have a thought regarding any conversation that might be able to be manipulated or steered towards the subject of BBQ.

They will always have a plethora of BBQ equipment, with a firm understanding of what they use and why and will happily share the reasons why. Even if you didn’t ask or care.

They will normally be loyal to one particular grill or smoker, sometimes happy to play the field, but like a dog, will normally come back around.

Quite often they will have an army of grills and smokers, all lined up in their own custom made shack or sectioned off garden area, ready to deploy at a moments notice. Normally 50% of this equipment seldom gets used.

They will never share their ‘secret’ rub recipe with you.

They will always have a ready supply of tin foil to hand.

They have an opinion about gas vs charcoal grills.

A lot of their knowledge is gleaned from standing around in their garden playing with their BBQ’s, rubbing meat, talking to their friends, worrying about cooking times.
They will get a lot of knowledge from watching ‘Country Wood Smoke’ on Youtube (check it), working out how they can explain the new gadget to their wife, drinking beer and finally eating a hefty amount of meat.


THE BBQ bore or ‘backyard griller’ will hopefully always be around, you need one in your area, even your life.

Someone needs to be willing to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning and start preparing your lunch/dinner!
There is so much joy to be had sharing a meal together and even more so if it is outside with a fire somewhere nearby (rain or shine).
Please embrace your local BBQ bore as sometimes there are things to be learnt from them.
Don’t be to mad when they are cooking when you have your washing out, or if you can smell meat while you are brushing your teeth. It usually means you are going to get fed.
So keep your eyes and ears open, maybe they will say something interesting and helpful one day.
One day.

Actually, I doubt it, they are a bore after all.

AP – A BBQ Boar/bore

.I am aware that I have used to incorrect spelling of boar/bore, it’s a bit of a pun. I tossed and turned as to which word to use so I decided to go with the one that will annoy the most people.