Got a lot of cookbooks,

Got a lot of cookbooks I don’t use,

Got a few cookbooks I do use,

Had a lot more cookbooks but the missus* went through them all and sent some of the most unused in to the great charity shop in the sky,

I have a few cookbooks that I use all the time.

I do love a cook book. There are many super books out there. I want to highlight a few that I use all the time.

The BBQ Book – DJ BBQ

This is a little gem, so many great recipes and his rub of awesomeness is fantastic.

This is my go to book as a gift for friends, I’m not sorry if you have received it from me, the recipes range from really straightforward to fairly advanced.

It’s little and fits in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere and be that guy…

Grillstock The BBQ Book – Jon Finch & Ben Merrington

This book is great, I’ve always enjoyed eating at the restaurant in Bristol and I was excited when the book came out.

It has recipes from some of the competition teams that cook at the festival as well as more ‘normal’ recipes for everyday BBQ.

It even has the recipe for the ‘lock jaw burger’ Its a monster! Pulled pork, 2 burger patties, brisket, burnt ends, cheese, pickles and sauce, all sandwiched in between one of Tom Herbert’s buns. So good.

Their rubs are fantastic and there is a section that helps you create your own rub.

Also ,work noting is the cocktails towers the back, including the ‘Hillbilly Mary’ with beef rub in it.

I could dream about this book all day, its excellent.

A true meat enthusiasts bible!

Breddos Tacos The Cookbook – Nud Dudhia & Chris Whitney

I’ve always enjoyed a taco, normally at at warehouse I sometimes have the pleasure of going to in Las Vegas, around 11am the ‘roach coach’ would turn up and all work would stop and we will go and grab a Mexican coke and a couple of tacos. The best news is that it would turn up again at 4pm. Another place I have enjoyed a taco is after a load out in the loading dock of the arena in San Diego. Production would normally organise a taco truck to come for the crew to get involved in.

I see why they work, they are little parcels of suspect meat with chilli sauce and they are fast. Whats not to love?!

There are some people that are taking this everyday Mexican street food to other levels, one place is Breddos in London. Like all the best stories, theirs started with a shack in Netil Market and they have grown from there.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting there restaurant in Soho and it was superb, the pork belly taco and churro sandwich were highlights.

There is something so wonderful about pressing your own taco and assembling the component parts for people to make their own.

F*ck Thats Delicious – Action Bronson

Less of a traditional cook book, more or a wonder through the mind of this rapper/chef. He travels to world with his music and his you tube series (of the same name) on the Munchies channel.

This book is quite random and I once picked it up to try and find some inspiration for a salad, no chance..

It’s a lot of home food classics in here, loads of fried stuff, but the layout and typography is fantastic.

Franklin Barbecue – Aaron Franklin & Jordan Mackay

Aaron is arguably the god father of brisket. The Don. This man knows his stuff. He does a good series on you tube about all things BBQ that is very informative.

The book takes you through the whole process of cooking, from BBQ methods, wood types to cooking and even a guide to building your own smoker (you’ll just need an old propane tank and some welding equipment)

As you would expect, there is an extensive chapter on preparing and cooking a brisket, as well as recipes for beef ribs, spare ribs, turkey and loads more.

There is so much information in this book, even a section about what and how to order in a proper BBQ place.

This is a fantastic addition to any amateur enthusiasts collection.

Pit Cue Co, The Cookbook

Drinks, meat, sides, salads, desserts.

All in here, fantacstic photography and one of the missus favourite sprouting broccoli with anchovy and chilli recipes. Again a great book, well rounded and proving why they are one of the best BBQ restaurants in London.

There are a few pages of rub recipes, all great and as they suggest at the top of the page, you should adjust them to your own personal taste. As you get more involved and into BBQ you will begin to learn the things you like to use and hopefully end up with your own personal signature rub!

I’m a massive fan of their apple, fennel, watercress and radish salad.

Country Wood Smoke – Marcus Bawdon

A fantastic site, something I aspire to be one day! Written by Marcus Bawdon, its a website full of recipes, how to videos and most people in the UK’s go to place for tips and tricks.

Hopefully one day my site will be able to rival country wood smoke, but I think we are a long way off!

Low and Slow, How to Cook Meat – Neil Rankin

A pretty special book, written by Neil who is the owner of Temper in London.

This book is not necessarily aimed a just BBQing, a lot of the recipes are made to be cooked the oven.

Check out the Ox Cheek Sausage Rolls, really great! There is a great section on roasting meats, one highlight is Neil taking you through how to get the perfect crackling.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a book that doesn’t mainly focus on actual cooking over live fire.

Low and Slow, master the art of barbecue in 5 easy steps – Gary Wiviott

I bought this book on one of my visits to the US, it has some good chapters about equipment you will need and the usual rubs etc.

I have to say I don’t get on with it.

To me it makes the whole thing elitist, the introduction books tells you to not progress from one chapter to another until you have mastered the previous chapter and to ’turn off your brain and simply follow the instructions exactly as I outline them” For me this goes against a lot of what I love about BBQ, its about experimenting, creating, having fun with your mates and not creating something exactly like someone else has done.

*I think I had some say in what got sent out.