Have you tried Crack Pie?

It’s pie that is like crack.
So moorish.

Pastry chef Christina Tosi originally made the pie for family meal when she was working at wd~50 in New York City. The cooks named the pie right there and then and it became a favourite at family time meals.
Now served across the city in Christina’s Milk Bar stores its taken the city by storm and they have opened up some stores in Washington and LA I believe.

You can pick a whole pie up from anyone of a number of Milk Bars on the island, a whole pie will set you back $48 or a slice will cost $6. I had a slice and felt like my teeth were going to fall out. Get a pie if you are feeding a lot of you or you wish to swiftly enter a diabetic coma.

My mate Robert bought the cook book for his wife, having perused the book, I’m not sure it was such a great idea. Just looking at the quantities of sugar and cream is enough to put me off actually trying to make it.

All I know was that it was bloody delicious and it was only because it was so rich that I didn’t buy another slice, one was really enough.