It’s the new year – eat steak.

This may come a surprise but I love steak, I love it with chips, with charcoal mushrooms (from the OX in Bristol, check it), with onions, with a simple salad, in my face. Basically I love it any way.

I particularly love a cut that is still on the bone. Porterhouse is probably up there as my ultimate cut.

I love a steak sandwich as well, but not one that is stuffed so full you have to eat it with a knife and fork. In my opinion, if it’s a sandwich it has to fit in your mouth and enable you get all the (foodie word alert) elements in one bite.

My sister was in town visiting so what better excuse to go to Jessie Smiths butchers, in Cirencester and get some of his dry aged beef and make some banging steak sandwiches.

I had a ruddy good think as to what ingredients I think would go in to my ‘ultimate steak sandwich’.

Porterhouse Steak

Horseradish Creme

Smoked Garlic

Deep Fried Shallots


Parmesan Cheese


Toasted ‘tiger’ roll

Beef – I went for a dry aged porterhouse, it is the sirloin cut with the bone in, too good. You could use any thick cut of beef really, there are no real rules. I cooked the steaks dirty, which basically means cooked straight on the coals. You heat up some (good quality, no chemicals involved) charcoal, get them white hot and cook the steaks straight on the coals.

Horseradish Creme – I’m not sure anything goes better with beef than horseradish sauce, but for a sandwich and a spectacular steak just pure horse radish sauce would be to over powering. So I mixed 50/50 horseradish sauce with creme fraiche. This gives a lovely creamy texture with the nice horseradish burn just poking its head through the mix.

Smoked Garlic – love a whole smoked garlic, after smoking it I ended up cutting it in half and scrubbing it on the toasted bread.

Deep Fried Shallots – I think shallots are often forgotten and overlooked in the onion world. To me they have a delicious sweet subtle flavour compared to white onions. I wanted some texture from them so I deep friend them in a little vegetable oil.

Rosemary – Again I deep fried fresh rosemary leaves. I think deep frying them intensifies their flavour (although I’m probably wrong) and adds another element of texture. I like to salt them after cooking.

Parmesan Cheese – Love it. Would put it on everything if I was allowed. Use a peeler to get lovely big flakes of it in your face.

Rocket – Got to have some salad, rocket works really well because you don’t need much of it, it has a lovely peppery taste and it photographs very well.

Tiger Roll – I like these rolls, they have a lovely crust and a soft inside. What’s not to love? Lightly toast them on the grill.

Bang all of these ingredients together in the tiger roll, open a bottle of red and you have the makings of a very successful evening.

Thanks to Miss ZP for the food styling and photography.

The Ox Bristol

Jessie Smith Butchers