I have a few tattoos, probably more than most.

I got another one when I was in Rome recently on a work trip.

This one was a stealth tattoo, done under the radar and not telling anyone it was done until after, when its to late. I guess I normally do this when know that it’s a bit silly and I am worried that someone will talk me out of it. I actually messaged the wife when the guy was setting up the machine, so she had a little pre warning.

This one is of a pig, its on my torso. I now have a small collection of animals on my body, the misses gets to name them all.

Bess – our family dog that died a few years ago,

Dean – the stag

Trevor – the turtle

Brian – the stingray

No name – the lobster claw

Liam – the fox

Percy – the pig

No idea really why I got Percy, but I do quite like a pig.

  1. image not actual tattoo..